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Flutter Firebase Complete App | Study App

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    This is a flutter firebase complete app using firebase, firebase firestore, firebase storage, google sign in, with two themes from scratch for study app or quiz app. This app covers both android and ios part.

    Topics(advanced) covered

    1. Firebase app creation with CLI

    2. Firebase upload data programmatically

    3. Work with firebase collections, documents and fields

    4. Firebase storage for uploading image

    5. Read data from firebase

    6. Firebase data upload batch operation

    7. Firebase google sign in

    8. Google auth before accessing data

    9. Upload user data to firebase

    10. Upload app study score data to firebase

    11. Store data per user in firebase

    12. LeaderBoard data display in the app

    13. Take quiz for specific subject

    14. Save individual user information indiviusally in the firebase data store

    15. Send local notification and remote notification

    16. Light mode and dark mode

    17. Check answer and retake the quiz

    18. See the correct result and wrong result

    19. The quiz is time bound

    20. Personal dashboard

    This is a dynamic app and it contains 14 UI screen.

    Complete code for early access 

    Firebase Master Class App

    Assets for following video tutorial


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    Get the apk from here

    AppLogger Class

    This class helps you log information which is helpful for debugging. You need a plugig to do it.

    logger: ^1.0.0
    class AppLogger {
      static final logger = Logger(
        printer: PrettyPrinter(
            methodCount: 2, // number of method calls to be displayed
            errorMethodCount: 8, // number of method calls if stacktrace is provided
            lineLength: 200, // width of the output
            colors: true, // Colorful log messages
            printEmojis: true, // Print an emoji for each log message
            printTime: false // Should each log print contain a timestamp
      static void i(dynamic message){
      static void d(dynamic message){
      static void w(dynamic message){
      static void e(dynamic message){
      static void wtf(dynamic message){

    Integration with Firebase and Google

    Errors and Solutions

    1. Firebase database rules

    You may set up some rules to work with Firebase Collections. These rules you need to upload the questions from the app json files to firebase firestore database. Once you apply these rules, you will be to upload the all the json to the firebase at the first attemp of your app launch.

    rules_version = '2'; service cloud.firestore {
    match /databases/{database}/documents { 
        match /questionPapers/{ppr}/questions/{q}{ 
          allow read, write: if request.auth != null 
    	match /leaderboard/{document=**} { 
      	allow read, write: if true;
        match /questionPapers/{document=**} { 
          allow read, write: if true;
        match /users/{document=**} { 
          allow read, write: if true;

    The above rules should help you create collections and work on them.


    2. Controller Injection Error or FirebaseStorageService not Found

    You may see the below error 

    FirebaseStorageService" not found. You need to call "Get.put(FirebaseStorageService())" or "Get.lazyPut(()=>FirebaseStorageService())"

    That happened because we missed to inject the controller. To get rid of the problem do this, just below line in initial_bindings.dart


    Now it should look like this

    class InitialBinding implements Bindings {
      void dependencies() {
        Get.put(AuthController(), permanent: true);
        Get.lazyPut(() =>  FireBaseStorageService());

    3. Navigation to home screen

    Make sure you have the home route in your app_routes.dart

    class AppRoutes {
      static List<GetPage> routes() => [
            GetPage(name: "/", page: () => const SplashScreen()),
              name: "/introduction",
              page: () => const AppIntroductionScreen(),
                name: "/home",
                page: () => const HomeScreen(),
                binding: BindingsBuilder(() {

    And from introduction.dart file add the code inside the Column widget

                          onTap: () => Get.offAndToNamed("/home"),
                          child: const Icon(Icons.arrow_forward, size: 35))

    4. Bad state: field does not exist within the DocumentSnapshotPlatform

    Now this error happens because, we have wrong key and value pair for our database. Remember we get the data from firebase and convert them in object. 

    The problem is in the question_paper_model.dart, we have a typo for "Description", it should be "description", and "question_count" should be "questions_count"

    5. App Crashes Google Signin

    When you click on the google sign in button, the app crashes. We need to add SHA1 key in firebase console.

    Use the below command

    keytool -list -v -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore -alias androiddebugkey -storepass android -keypass android

    6. iOS Error 

    For those who gets an error at 07:06:00 just add the line before the array <key>CFBundleURLTypes</key>

    7. Flutterfire command error

    If you get an error: "command not found: flutterfire" then make sure you run "dart pub global activate flutterfire_cli".

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