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Be A Member Of DBestech Freelancing Team

A win win package

This is a freelancing position where you would be able to finish a project on your own. These projects would be used for dbestech YouTube channel and other resources. You would be given a topic and UI to program using Flutter framework. After once you are done coding you need to record the whole process as a video(basic video editting skill, could be learned in 30 minutes). You need to take a lot of short videos using your computer. Given that you English accent must be very good since we will publish these videos to our channel dbestech.

Project topic

  • Flutter + Laravel
  • Flutter + Django
  • Flutter + Nodejs framework
  • Flutter + Java framework
  • Flutter + Riverpod
  • Flutter + BLoC
  • Flutter + Getx
  • Flutter + Provider
  • Flutter + Firebase
  • React Native + Firebase
  • React Native + Nodejs
  • React Native + Laravel
  • Swift iOS framework

Qualify process

In first step, you need to send your 3-5 minutes introductory audio or video in English.
Send me your introductory audio in mp3 audio
If your audio/video is qualified, then you will have one on one voice call chat to further check your accent and programming skills
If you pass audio call chat, then you would be eligible for working with dbestech
After being eligible you will have two weeks time to finish the project and video. Twitter/Instagram for detail talk @dbestech


Below there's a link for project UI reference
UI link
The above link is just a reference. In general a project would contain as many as eight screens.

Video length

Your final video has to be at least 8 hours long
You may use the below video link for reference both for quality and length.
Video tutorial link
The above link is given to understand what you are going to work with and for.


You will get a certificate upon delivering the project.
You may use the tutorial link on CV.
If your end product is great, that means your video will get more view.
More views on your work is a great reference for your future job.

Payment process

You get paid 2-3 days after the final project video submission.
We need 2-3 days since we will go through the video and check to confirm if there are any changes needed to be done.
You would be paid in dollars or euros through Paypal.


You must not copy code or project from github and use in the project.
Since this is a paid project, dbestech holds all the copyright of the video and code.
dbestech holds ultimate copyright and we may use code and video for any commercial purpose.
You must not use the same video and code for commercial purpose or github link or on any other platform.