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We believe in service and client’s satisfaction. We priority is not money. It’s about client’s satisfaction and new design satisfaction. A good design solves the 50% of your problem. If you are looking for forward to build a website or app, we will bring the latest type of design you need.

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Dastagir Ahmed
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dbestech founder
I'm Dastagir Ahmed a south Indian have been living in Shanghai for the past 14 years and the found and CEO of Shanghai Dastagir Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. I did my Bachelors, Masters at a famous university called ECUST. I did my Bachelors in Information Technology and Engineering and Masters in Applied Computer Science and AI. I also published a paper regarding classification accuracies with professor Gao on AI. After graduaiton I had worked at Intel Corporation for 2 years as a Graphics programmer. Prior to working at Intel Corporation I had also worked in a Japanese Compnay as a Database engineer. I have been in this IT and Software field for the last 8 years. Over the past few years I have built Apps, E-commerce sites and other web applications for my clients. Currently I am working with AI technology for voice matching. At the same time I am working with Russian, Chinese, South African and Ghanian clients. I am pretty fluent in both English and Chinese. You can read more about my experience below. Currently I am also teaching software programming online to the students from many countries.

More About Me

Shanghai Dastagir Enterprise Management Company Ltd.

Yes. It's been registered in 2016 in Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Currently we are working on AI applications and E-commerce sites.

We are expertise on software architecture, server management, CDN and OSS technology, PHP, Java and NodeJS.

Erlang, PHP, NodeJS or Java or combination of them.

AWS(Amazon Web Server), or Ali Cloud

About The Company

Company Name
Shanghai Dastagir Enterprise Management Co., Ltd
Dastagir Ahmed
Shanghai Free Trade Zone. It's registered in Shanghai as a Limited Company.
Startup Capital
1 Million RMB
Total Team Members
Currently 8 Team Members
Main Business Scope
IT & Education Sectors
Venture Investment
This company has invested in Shanghai Muling Edcational Techical Company (Registered in Shanghai, Songjiang District) and owns 50% of the share. Total investment 1 million RMB.